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Achat Vignette Suisse Automobile Club Strasbourg

a condition which pathologically has been termed pachymeningitis
that those obtained by exchanfre reach the sum of 2.568 species and 11,354 speci-
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The best of all diluents for this purpose is skimmed milk, which
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ing ^ortened the subject's life by a year. Admiring
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F. Effect of Decompression upon Aphasia. Eight patients were
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analogous to those produced by the ammonia-salt. Carbonate of ammonia has
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less oxidation, less heat, less waste, less urea, uric acid, hippuric
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I shall be as brief as possible upon theoretical points,
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congestion are in constant o])eration — if, for example,
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half days, by which time the stomach is empty of blood. It
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when at length, under these circumstances, the pains have subsided, the
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used quinine, adopted all the local applications which his knowledge and
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Thompson, M. D., Professor of Materia Medica, Therapeutics, and Clinical
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This is based upon the fact that fermentation considerably diminishes
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cardium. In 6 cases of obesity, he found that the actual
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change of condition, the system is enfeebled or rendered irritable, Parr
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of pyaemia. These two cases are forcible illustrations of the noxious
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shown, that it is a febrile disease, in which the greatest danger exists,
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its efficacy in such cases. Also externally applied to dissipate bruised
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the kidney. The urine was examined microscopically,
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actes [etc.], Harlem, 1887, xxii, 235-252, 4 pi.— Stadcrini
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15. Return patient to bed and write orders to have tube
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serious cases of aortic incompetence, even at an early period
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examination of the blood. It is not until this has been done in these
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long years of study, having perhaps inherited a predisposition to it, or
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can assumed differences in susceptibility always account for this.
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cardiac tonics, with eliminative treatment by saline cathartics and hot
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than this, could the practice which was for a long time so general of
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served the slightest trace of the disease, in any form,
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benefited by any treatment. Pneumococci were found in cultures from the
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Comitialis (Seneca and Pliny), so called, according to the grammarian Festus, because tbe
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In l)iillets wliicli penetrate onl}', the important fact that tliey also,
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digested remains have sometimes suggested the announcement of strange
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greatly improved in the second and third. Wiirtemb. Corr.
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yet the improvement here is not sufficient to explain the great
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surface of the frontal lobe, the upper and anterior part of the frontal
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for several hours. If water at the temperature of 70° F.
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generally recommended by authors, and it is founded on the
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sity of keeping that as it is. I will suggest the insertion of
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Epidemic, diseases that prevail generallyj attacking many at the
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the fauces he also uses tincture of iron and chlorate
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