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sold the tartaric acid that the poor used tartaric acid very
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the constitutional symptoms may be termed "typhoid," including
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explain some of the features of malignant growths. If they did proceed
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is aurogra any good
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such as aconite or veratrum viride, seem to have any effect on the
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perspiration in warm weather invariably lessens the output of water by
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proved a very convenient site, namely, an inch above the external con-
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Parsons. J. Herbert, M.B. Effects of Thyroidectomy on Metabolism.
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One superior oblique may be paralyzed, either partially or totally,
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wonld be struck off the Begistei — I think he is hardly fair to
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This, however, leaves unexplained the outbreak of this disease in
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bones, with a warty deposit of new periosteal bone, and a
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may sometimes be found as a result, usually, of injuries, producing
i.1 *.!i^ i.-".^-'i*r^ till U11& ras& iiiwKJ-prcssiiTt, & T^ay iTtirifCTatu^
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ments on dogs, cats, and rabbits with uniformly similar results. '
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I briefly discuss the methods in which tliey may produce their
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for some lime received any further replies to my circulars respecting
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are grades of responsibility amongst tlie insane, and to these
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Aberdeen University.— Ihe Aberdeen University Bill was read 'a third
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disease prevails most extensively in the valley of Assam and in nei^-
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the right side of her neck, thus covering with her finger the region which
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Prevalence of Scarlet Fever. — The Local Government Board
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should be borne in mind that the muscles are not paralyzed any
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the comma bacillus as long as forty days thereafter, making
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ties, till not only has it grown into great usefulness, but has
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the patients passing into a state of dementia, the latter being caused
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nitrite' of amyl, and others. Asphyxiation, profuse hemorrhage, and
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probably more alive to the gravity of the issues than the Government
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Sloan, Samuel, M D.. appointed Consulting Physician to the Glasgow


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