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Too Much Zantac

curetted. The burning of the mucous membranes produced by

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mitted some thousands of patients. I desire that these

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allowed all men for recreation and cultivation, and

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It is best combined with those articles which modify its action,

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situation of bone-spavin is on the inside, and in front of

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ples, furnished by Horstitus, Harvey, Arevalle, Cangiamila, Riolan and

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acidity, abdominal distension and eructations of gas, this agent

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are constantly encountering the facts of life, is that

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and the case is dangerous. If the lungs are attacked,

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feces. In this case twenty to thirty grains in a large glass of

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injected many hundreds of cases, rarely have a collapse, and have

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babies get rickets, young ladies get curved spines, fathers

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mild tonic, improving the functions of digestion. For these pur-


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