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lies coiled up in a spiral form within an ovoid capsule in the sarcolemma-

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centers. Neurasthenia is the expression of an abnormal sensitiveness

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pass through such short central arcs (it is probable that the greatest

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moving the sternum the lungs are found completely to fill the mediasti-

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various stages of development, and is either reddish-brown or greenish-

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labor if the presenting head was small. Then the patient and her

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nephritis the urine is diminished, it was formerly held that the dropsy

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ated on palpation, arid in large effusions the chest-wall is practically

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prove worth the time and effort expended. Many clever and

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of the body, but was especially severe in the neck and back.

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rule, however, it is rather copious, and either vmco-purulent or dis-

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1. Chronic valvular disease affecting the right side. Passive hyper-

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followed by those of chronic, bronchitis ; but in a vast majority of in-

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struction of the pulmonary valve, though it may be solitary, (e) An


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