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divided into two groups — those of the earlier and those of
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I have never heard one say that he was better or happier
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according to the mother's statement, a general eruption
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pared the soft parts should be separated, not only from the bones they
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the base of the tongue and in the pharynx, and the solitary and agminate
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months for the brain, they were placed in alcohol. Sections
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excitors of increased carbonic acid in expiration, thus confirming what I
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The very low price of this standard work, and its completeness in all departments of the subject,
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symptoms. But this should not be called septiciBinia, but rather sepsin-poison-
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living part, appears as a colourless fluid — the liquor sanguinis —
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243-252. ■. Papilloma of botli Fallopian tubes and
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grave cases the skin presents an anaemic aspect, even when hemorrhage
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to febrile reaction, with more or less passive congestion of the internal
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(A.) Fifevres typhoides jugulees il leur d6but par deux
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him were without foundation. It was admitted that a cane
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toneless voice, croupy cough, and suffocative attacks ; dysenteric dis-
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dorsal position with flexed thighs so as to relax the ab-
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and the speedy abatement of the symptoms shows that the disease is not
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excitement ; but the limbs are at once thrown into convulsions by the slightest irritation
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the colon having been found of a circumference even
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was given by the rectum (injections into the bowel.) Out of one hundred
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renal vessel. The portion of the kidney in which the circulation is arrested
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11. — A man, 22 years old, was admitted to the hospital
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it. The subcutaneous substance consisted of an inflammatory
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photographer. The reflecting power of the mirror is not
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reoendy entered the lists for the hoDor of his oonntry, un-
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attacks the hind feet acted first, and subsequently continued more rigid, the animal slanding
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