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restless kind of delirium resembling delirium tremens, in which
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tinued his work. Soon after, however, so violent an inflamma-
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v.nth hyperproduction of cerebrospinal fluid of prac-
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be some doubt in the minds of difl'erent authorities
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N. B. The dispensary return does not include any of the
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tised medicine oiT and on at difYerent periods of his
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small quantities in the blood that they could not be
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general health, but the tossing of the limbs, &c. increased; he
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the slightest external wound, when he recovered himself he found
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an anxious, despondent look, and, as somewhat bearing upon his
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practitioners would diagnose correctly in half of the
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bronchitis with epidemic and typhous fever we must not curtail.
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(Permission to l^tiblish given by the Surgeon General,
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to the patient, and one retained by the prescriber.
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two years at a rectal clinic by the author, with re-
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an ounce of calomel. We prepared some in the above manner,
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ness of the gastric mucosa, for nausea and vomiting,
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brain ; the wound was united by the bloody suture ; the treatment
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leaving only 130 above that period. In no single instance in
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thalmologists to insist on the needed examinations.
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Cardeza. — In Brooklyn, N. Y., on Tuesday, April isth.
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loth, Dr. Samuel C. Gibson, of Reno, Nev., aged sixty-two
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