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difficult one to carry out, owing to the utter carelessness of most workmen.

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spond?" To both of these inquiries positive answers can

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eruption present, a marked contrast to that which is observed in ery-

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phenomena of the organisms are aroused, which serve

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she did not feel easier on the second, nor on the third,

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commencement of the operation. So long as a rise followed a dose, the

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tity in expired air is absurd. Patients breathe and re-

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the kidney or through the lungs, or from heart failure. Treatment

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decided with certainty. It may be that under the term "septic"

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In regard to the pathology of biliary cirrhosis I am in favor

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the stomach, after Arsenic has been taken, completely contracted upon

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slums. The result of his inquiry is that the petit verre

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the point of view of heredity, the soma is nothing more than a

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must always bear in mind, too, that the walls of abscesses formed

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best form of which is wine (1 to 2 litres pro dosi) ; and camphor

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ferments: 1, hydrochloric {muriatic) acid, which acts first upon

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of temperature. The gall-bladder, swollen to the size of

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sensation become influenced, and sensibility begins to fail ;

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re Municipal Pasteurization, he said: "I am afraid to under-

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there are certain places in which the pain is felt — at the points of

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d'opht.. Par., 1898, xvii, 555-581. . Mode d'insertion

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disease," I wish them to be understood as meaning a valvular

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just "docs." No amount of dignity in appearance, so-

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hands as thoroughly as possibly, because during the operation the

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Med. zu Jierl., 1891-2, xi, 288-302. . Estudos experi-

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troflexion may be diagnosed as some tumefaction lo-

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drochlorio Acid a dram, Water five ouaces. WtiQU aolution ii effected, add Qlyoerioe three ouucea.

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occurring at Birth, or shortly afterwards." Suffice it to say,

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tion was more marked than at the previous operation. Again the cyst

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knees, and shoulders. After that attack the ]>atient

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portions of the report were dealt with and criticised. He found

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to cancerous ulcers, the effects of carbonic acid gas are excellent. Dr. Ewart,

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arterial tension was barely sufficient to throw a jet

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to be partly rotatory and partly in irregular curves, and to cease

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changes seen in chlorosis are simply an exaggeration of what normally

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