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stances, acute tuberculosis, and acute Bright's disease.

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swallowing, and the child frequently puts its hand to its throat as if to re-

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jaundice deepens, there is a noticeable loss of strength, the patient becomes

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in such cases the addition of nitric acid coagulates and preciijitates the al-

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the spleen is invariably enlarged in remittent and unchanged in yellow

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toms caused by a functional derangement of the digestive processes. When

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at its anterior margin. Tlie gall-bladder is tender on tirm pressure. Late

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pressure on one of the iliac veins. Aneurisms here may burst into the

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Emphysema and goitre have been by some supposed to afford an immu-

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apex- beat is. carried downward and to the left, and the area of precordial

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heart.' Should fibrosis of the columnse carneaB induce insufficiency on ac-

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the jileural cavity may occur in connection with syphilis, cancer of the lung

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localized dulness corresponding to the site of the infarction.

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Etiology. — The nature of the septic poison that is the product of the

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This method is now rarely used, (d) Pressure by bandage is of ser-

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compression and concussion. They will vary from cerebral irritability,

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initiatory fever is sometimes abrupt and sometimes gradual ; usually it

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and if the peritoneal covering of tlie bladder is involved there may be

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Sulphuric Acid. — The amount daily passed averages about thirty

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ammonia on a handkerchief may be of some service. Even if obstinate

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