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mends that the amputation be made between the dead and the sound

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Hospital case tlie knee jerks were much increased. The French Pierre Marie

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matique une monoplegie brachiale de hi iar ily.Hit du facial

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with the spleen with the wind cholick and melancholy obstructions

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Perpetual fee as many Students have received instruction in

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which were now ruled out so that this would seem to fairly

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trated on each letter in turn. As this is being done the

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attention was paid to the existing general condition and the tempera

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reviewed. We trust he will continue to hold that truly honourable appointment and

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ness of the hands and usually a rather easily marked tremor of

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low up studies took place the percentage of in hospital

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that are not nearly so fatal a tuberculosis but this is only

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general acceptation at present of the views that have resulted from

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GEORGE J. ALEXANDER JD JSD Professor of Law and Dean of

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and very foetid was discovered. This was collected Avith great

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of complete scirrhosity. As it resisted all discutient means

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sel Mr. Spray indicated that the Inspector General has

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vessel only leads to manifestations of grave dyspnea I reconnnend

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patients. Of course Dr. Richards was working under ideal

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tionship whatever. Whether apart from any signs of inflammation

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of man or animals is weaker now than formerly but all positive

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In addition to this mere statement of the cutaneous and

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subject. The student is referred to the works of these authors and especially

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ing that the venous pulse become smaller and smaller less

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vascular conditions the complement action of lecithin is not necessarily

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presently a disequilibrium that requires correction. Any

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the faintness. When morphia is used hypoderndcally it is then


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