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Ensemble Theatre Auditions

eous mixture, containing 32.8 per cent, of oxygen. In rain-

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diana Medical College during the session of 1S4S-9. and 1S^9-

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for here" But after all, something more is necessary. The

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Tv:o Cases of Aneurism of the Aorta. — Case of Enlargement of the

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But this is a tangential excursion from the substance of Dr.

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surprise, it met with no resistance after passing the os uteri.

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reduced by the abstraction of electricity, the action of which,

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are originally formed within the cell, like the antherozoids

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These facts may be ascertained by removing the tissues on one side of

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always to be brought for settlement to this arbitrament at last.

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six days. Chills and night sweat:-. Xo marked physical signs of pulmon-

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nine) puts it within the power of any wretch who can com-

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sion to the use of remedies — especially such as are termed by

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circumstances it is probably wiser to eviscerate than

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fore perfect control of the mutilated member was obtained.

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the nurses; whose fingers were crooked and stiffened into the most awk-

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College. In 1851 he came to New York, and was graduated from

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by far the most voluminous, occupying 250 pages, embodies an immense

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ounces — which, according to Liebig's numerous experiments,


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