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tributions given in the names of numbers or classes of
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mentioning this journal, and you will receive their free
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varies ; secondly, the amount of the infection which,
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above rather than below the arc, the position of the carbons
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2. The constant dyspnxa^ including the dyspnosa ex-
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The thesis must be on a medical subject chosen by the
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mental indolence on the part of the practi- 1 swallowed. At last befell into an epileptic
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masses felt which cannot be peeled off with the finger, the
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child. The house, isolated from its neighbors and situa-
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force is generated, muscles contract, thoughts are developed, organs
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half years and is still investigating, has collected
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ing the interchange of the maternal with the fcetal
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is capable but demands that clearly futile treatment be
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Phlyctenular Ophthalmia. By S. G. Dabney, M.D., 321
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l)ily combined with the local posterior treatment, to the
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was so very gradual, and the pain so inconsiderable, that she never
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droit; autopsie; description de I'articulation de nouvelle
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per 1,000 living children, while in London it is only
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probable by the fact that estimations of the amount of fibrin
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charge and causing at least a temporary disappearance of all


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