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the result has been so fortunate that we have no reason for abandoning

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died from the effects of sulphuretted hydrogen, when respired in a concen-

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pellagra occurred about the same time in June, 1914, at 120 Oliver

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been hsematochjluria associated with chylous dropsv. The male was

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ask what they proposed to do in such a case as this. The patient.

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serum-agar, and though it could be grown upon blood-

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with blood, and sometimes considerable haemorrhage occurs in conse-

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most complete work that has hitherto appeared on these

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which people complain of when they arise in the morning

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that in some eases this combination of diseases occiu-rcd in per-

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Localized Pneumothorax Running an Acute and Fatal Course.— Wt

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and pulling it out of the urethra with the most gen-

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Webster, that of all the regular reports made by the physicians of the various

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number of years, but five or six volumes will be issued dimng the coming year, and the

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the disease, and they therefore advise the continuance of the medicine

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of a quantity of fleeces, speaks in favor of the latter variety of ob-

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ascent. He was a Royal Aciidemy Professor, a geutrons enthusiastic

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heart-clot of this kind is sometimes formed when the patient is not in a

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neurosis only when we can demonstrate by exclusion the absence

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directed to the relief of special symptoms occurring in the

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sionally, to promote the circulation in that region,

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few round bodies. A nineteenth generation was planted on the eighteenth

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which are with any degree of certainty severally associated with the subjective or

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7. According to an arrangement adopted by consent last

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ment; Mr. Harry Hill, Clinical Pathology Department; Ms. Jean Green, Environ-

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left pleural sac, is not always eas}- , and the chief reliance in such a case

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ological crior. Psychotherapy should be a shame at his erotic fancies and masturba-

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therefrom of particular children, may be required, in order to prevent

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and she was apparently unconscious of her surroundings.

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main for forty-eight hours, as in the original operation,

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does not come under my ideas of hygienic treatment." Flint ^

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for music, we should quickly perceive a sensible differ-

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servation of the importance and necessity of the combination in congestive

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was firmly fixed to the edges of the incision by a num-

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matory condition. It is difficult to separate the cases in which

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but was always ready to devise new methods of treatment

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in the joints and presenting the external ai)pearanc< s

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those in which a consulting opinion is most likely to he sought — there can

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Erectile Tumor of six months' gioivth, small but troublesome, im-

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As the patient breathes the examiner follows certain

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sound of the heart is faint and may be inaudible. There is muscular tremor.


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