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attention to polyuria as a symptom of sciatica : how far this excess of

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presence of pyogenic cocci. There results a yellowish, gelatinous or

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disease of the viscus, it is essential first to discover, and then, if possible,

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section of the pyramids. The cortex is thin and the pyramids short ; the

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to decide from the symptoms alone whether the patient is suffering from

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here as far as possible to an anatomical classification of inflammations

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SYMPTOMATOLOGY. The period of incubation is from ten to fifteen

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paroxysm. It has been shown by Kelch that a single violent malarial

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PROGNOSIS. Under proper treatment, applied early, malignant pus-

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Fallopian tubes. When tuberculosis affects one of these serous mem-

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humerus, the elongation of the limb, and the various circumstances

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especially in the rectum, sigmoid flexure, descending colon, and caecum,

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is indicative of the seat of the inflammation in the rectum. In the

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perature of 80 F., and then rapidly cool this water by means of ice, the

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by the immediate loss of blood, but being also in part dependent upon

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liquid are found, usually in one lung, is regarded as the result of syphilis,

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chyma of the tongue. Superficial glossitis usually occurs in the various

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position. The sick-room should be kept as quiet as possible ; the feeding

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The abdomen is tense and retracted. The skin is cool, moist, and at

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limetre. They show no tendency to form rouleaux. They vary widely in

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prolonged for five years or more. Eecovery may follow its death in case

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which there was no change in dulness despite the atrophy of the liver,

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been performed. When the tumor can be felt through the abdominal

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SYMPTOMATOLOGY. Among the earliest symptoms suggestive of

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best adapted to prevent its extension and mitigate its severity.

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subpericardial infiltration the more does the fat spread over the heart,

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ted by the pauses to which I have alluded; so soon, however, as the

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deepening and stretching of the lines of the face produce, also, an ex-

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its physical signs in calling attention to disease of the liver. The imme-

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of the therapeutist has to do not so directly with the nature or seat of

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The pituitary body has been found increased in size in a number of

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diphtherial varieties of sore throat and in lacunar or follicular forms of

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to diabetes, pneumonia, cerebral hemorrhage, and incurable disease of the

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tensive, rhythmical, and slow, from seven to ten per minute ; they are


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