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sulcus above the sino-auricular node, produced transitory auriculoven-
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the part that essentially distinguishes the man must be often unjust ... 2
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a very few pounds per acre would suffice. Experience, however,
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larly demand treatment in mucomembranous colitis. These are
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The following elegant and palatable prescription may be used for
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ridges which depend upon i^roliferation of the rete and linear dex^res-
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does. Very little has been written on cocaine anesthesia. I suppose
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They go ahead pretty well, but if suddenly called upon
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Climatology.— The disease is diffused throughout the world, being
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mation in other situations would constitute a trivial affection. The gravity
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Many times the patient's own weight may thus be removed
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1 The stenoses of the arterial orifices behave differently, because they are the only
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In chronic neuritis, after the development of marked trophic
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hence the appearance of the urates in the urine. Many believe
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It is much to be desired that work similar to Heid-
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measure six inches. My forceps, spoken of by Dr. Barnes as
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c0nium maculatum. hemlock — con i a — cenanthe crocata — jethusa cynapiuffl
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feel at the completion of an operation rapid in its execu-
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keep up the affection, and al length induces the chronic form of the
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dress of the president. Dr. Bransford Lewis, of St. Louis.
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wooden case like that of Mr. Marshall. This unit can be separately
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ple subsequent to her firet confinement. The left breawt, however,
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tain disagreeable li(iuids, certain medicines, may excite the i^henom-
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concerning the merits of which I am not able to speak from experience.
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as black specks, and later as brilliant pearls, which
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interesting. He was fortunately able to obtain some useful
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Our knowledge of these minute micro-organisms has been largely
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Crowe, Willis Hanford P. & S., N. Y., '95 New Haven.


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