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health and longevity of mankind, some such provision would have been made by

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defect this much blood could be safely transfused. In the

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the best of men have been its disciples and its followers ; and, indeed, no man can

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the natural Sow to which unmarried females are subject was suppressed; and un-

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the hemorrhage was entirely arrested, and it has never since

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but a slight elevation of temperature causes it to change colour. Mor-

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fluid oil of turpentine, inconvenient and unsatisfactory. Dr.

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Course. — The progress of the disease has been continuous,

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tem and the neuromuscular control of the intestine. Opium and

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Bbt. Vi.— Die Erankhafben QeschwiUste. Dreissig Vorlesungen gehalten

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natural passage, works out through the pores of the skin, and imparts a disagreea-

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when it is driven from her extremities by cold upon the heart and lungs ? These

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account is that in Walter's tables, Berlin, 1788. He extols Hunter*8

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type. In the postinfective stage the joints may or may not be

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Co-ordination. — Equilibratory and non-equilibratory : These

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generally used, and because chemical analogy leads to the belief that

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adulterated by the introduction of ground chalk, whiting, gypsum, plaster of Paris,

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Although the phenolsulphonephthalein test varies from time

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duction. The one acute, the effect of a cause which is not yet

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attacks were also more severe during the summer, but persisted

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Post-mortem examination. — Cranium. — ^The cerebral veins were

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reform in their systems and making the barren fruitful, but of saving many such

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of which is rubbed with a paste made of bitter almonds. And we are all well

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able epileptiform attacks, which could be at any moment excited

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to influenza, coryza, tonsillitis, etc., is mainly due to their

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often from colds and inflammations, and whether they really cause pulmonary con-

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Persons are frequently troubled with pain on making water, with scalding or

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