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in the eyes that have long been blind. There it appears
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paresis of the lower limbs without loss of sensation. Since hysteria
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tain as in the predisposed the occasional causes may not al
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branches of the ophthalmic division of the fifth nerve of one side. In
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single tubercle bacillus is sufficient to produce infection through the air
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Icnown that such spasm is an infrequent thing in hysterical
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The clerical duties for which an officer in charge of a
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proposed to discuss both those papers this evening. Abstracts of the
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sion to treat patients in whom this untoward accident has
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tion published separately. There are twenty of these
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existence feed him well water him look after him and
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ing remissions and gradually increasing evening exacerba
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fessions are already taking steps toward finding a solu
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that gradually approached the part of the passage where
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a light insufHciency of some one of the extra ocular
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ical education activities for local physicians. Accreditation
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typical disease having its local manifestations in the
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vations without stopping to notice the point now before us. My illustrious
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Napier the very soul of honour and rectitude so independent in his
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mud is another. It seems probable however that compression of the
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panionable sort of way wondering who the victim was and
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serial sections were prepared from the paraffin blocks for
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food when cliloroform is used nor is a too protracted fast desira
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thermocautery and two litres of a turbid brownish alka
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in the cavity and divides these into complicated and
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very apt to scratch the part and then inadvertently rub his eyes
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Dr. Baeb did not believe that pus existed in the tubes pri
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formation in both cases makes it impossible to assess these
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of trunks shoes stockings and hat are discarded or he
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and the reserve force is sufficiently great to discharge
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layer belongs rather to the bone than to itself and while found best
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ehrlichiosis. Paired acute and convalescent specimens
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medicine he gained not a little in other departments of science
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the malady and nothing whatever is known concerning
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imply the temporary blotting out of more recent memories and therefore
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avoid the use of uncooked vegetables. In sporadic cases search should
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