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pTevent the abforption of bile, was ufeful •, fuch as fri£lions of
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des Auges Arch f. path, Anat. [etc.], Berl . 1895, cxl,
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the former case the nucleus become contracted in the centre, assuming
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by this method, the patients having been seen after intervals between
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sterilized and will keep indefinitely. They are put up in boxes
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Milium forms firm white or yellowish masses, from the size of a pin's
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ditions only : 1st When the pneumonia has attacked a vigorous and
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normal condition, that other parts of it are not completely
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was excoriated and sore, giving her much discomfort when erect
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such palliative measures as will prolong life and make the
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had been looking for. In the one eye certain conditions had been developed,
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the dicrotic rise*, if it be long-sustained, then the second rise becomes
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Position: A Report of Three Cases and Analysis of Potential
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the case. Many horses have naturally imperfect, or bad
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pupillary immobility are of such a character that the attention of the patient is apt
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dofilobnliire Kiirpercben in den Ervtbrocvten der Katze.
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of rare occurrence. Of over 150 cases of organic disease of the heart
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in the head is a frequent, and sometimes a prominent, symptom ; and when
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courses in medical chemistry as a logical necessity. But, as
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the entire blood picture. Some writers maintain that the average size
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2. Quantity of Fluid. — The quantities are only approximate, generally some-
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Microscopical examination showed the presence of bipolar bacilli in
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strangulation. Under cocaine and hemisine the mass was removed with
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18 grains of sugar to the ounce. lie was very thin, and had all the
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superficial ; the hairs are not involved ; and the tricophyton
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a dizzy spell fell out of chair to-day. Delirious during
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Biniodide of Mercury. — Schwab and Levi-Bing in La Presse Medicate
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seen in depressed fragments of bone, which, unless relieved by operative
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and corresponding side of the head, neck, and thorax. But experience
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hours, I have no doubt it may occur, even after the
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slight. Then in a number of months or years it becomes pathological.
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which you did not believe, tendered to you the forfeiture of five thou-
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remuneration. Contact L. J. Steffan, M.D., Plymouth
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organisms he has cultivated and inoculated successfully into animals,
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cases were cured in two days, one in three days, one in
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blood coagula. Whether we took this view or that advocated


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