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Fraser and Bates acting on the suggestion of Lorrain Smith have

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of enrichment programs for high school and college underrepresented minority

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gical Society March j lias in my opinion made a very

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demanded he considered them the only ones in which the conservative

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bility is the attribute of reason and therefore that insanity implies

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of their numerous observations and warm eulogies. With some

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the statewide survey of respondents said they had a

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of urea eliminated will be proportionately increased. Leucin there

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his deafness was not due in any degree to primary nerve trouble

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hydatids serous and bloody cysts dermoids osteomata

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cial pneumothorax the manometer being used to indi

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fact that in most cases cancer attacks at an age when

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Twenty first Annual Session held at Huntington May and .

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ttNL Baxb Address before the AUmia Medical OdfUge.

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this and certain other views exemplifying as some modem physicists

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to his aid as he lay neglected in the mud and has been

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and leaves the action of the long extensor and flexors of

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Vaccination. Of the forty five children in the institution only

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The monovalent parameningococcus rabbit sera exhibited varying

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city. He said that on an average there were brought

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ent have held these contradictory opinions even before there were any

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longed restraint of the animals and the simultaneous

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which the protection lasts is not determined and it is yet

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What Can the Medical Profession Do for the Public Health

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parenchyma which have been accidentally included in the growth. The

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its deadly potency without destroying its life it has merely

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the efflorescent and unhealthy granulations which spring up

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is said to prove very V eneficial. Alum is valuable in

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rounding the central vein is normal. The latter is however soon involved

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of December Chief Melvin says While I hope the con

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cannot attend him the private physician s bill is to be

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carbons and albumin the heat and strength producers and

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health and prolong life without the use of medicine.

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The worse that we wish thee for all thy vile crimes.

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value. In diseases like fevers which yield large quantities of

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difficulty in arriving at a correct diagnosis. Perhaps that which will best

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probably involving the gall bladder and to the presence of adhesions

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couple of rabbits he adds that by keeping them carefully covered


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