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arises at times from some peculiar condition or contamina-

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repetition of the narcotics, especially on those days

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one hour. The sections are put in the oven for a few minutes, then passed through xj'lol,

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And yet I was satisfied that this depression of the occiput was the origin

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instance, in simple atresia the rectum may end at a

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0-97 millimetre in diameter. The ventral sucker is situated in the anterior

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Dr. H. gives the following details of his mode of operating, and of managing

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times, has fractured and dislocated the solid strata of the earth, elevated the bed of the

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promptly stopped by subcutaneous injection of ergot. Half a drachm of the

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* One single dentist in Berlin chloroforms several thousand patients

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5% to 20%, the reagent precipitating peptone, the tubes of egg

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food having blocked up the throat. A case similar in its details occurred to

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counting chamber from blood treated with dilute acetic acid, which

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cent. The nucleated erythrocytes have disappeared. The patient had

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In all cases except one, nephrectomy was performed.

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tions: — the tongue is in general loaded, the mouth clammy,

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80 soft and friable as readily to fall to powder between the finger and

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trochanters and on the buttocks, and the arms were in a

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Within the past year I have noted it particularly in a number

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sterilized oil or toluene, and incubated at 37° C for about two

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The mechanism of the action of mercury upon the heart may

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gestion in a living animal, in which a gastric fistula has

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awarded at different exhibitions— but we have had practical experience

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tonitis. On the other hand, it lias occurred to me, as to others, to see the

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ajjpear in the printed rules governing the admission

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urination, associated with burning sensations, which is sometimes

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opportuniues arise, make the application, but as a substitute, an elegant

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posing cultures upon preparation slips or threads as a guide and check

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be difficult to draw any clear line of distinction between the min1>id oob-

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with the gout in Passy to take much share in the Commission, and

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though perhaps less than formerly, in even the best of these institutions.

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is precisely imitated^ and all the blood thereafter formed is insus-


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