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Ij exhaustion attendant upon these diseases is the first
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are described briefly which gives to the reader the advantage
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or Indirect Heredity IV. The Heredity of Influence
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guished three distinct groups of the faculties of the soul sensibility intellect
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his appetite has been fairly good. Within the past few
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bladder and perhaps to tlie right kidney the left sympathising.
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translucent. Water and alcohol acids and alkalies do not produce
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was treated as would be a woman suffering from tox
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examination of the internal organs and as far as the author knows.
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not authorised but nevertheless I feel very thankful to him
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self and his assistants without accident. This is strong
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from the broad ligament nearly to the fundus of the
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septic diseases but I now refer only to those which
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Neuralgia especially of the bowels so marked in some epidemics
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termination of the effectiveness of these procedures before
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Prof. Severance Burrage Associate Professor of Sanitary Science Purdue University.
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assistant the eyeball being drawn outward the conjunctiva should
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equilibration or tolerance of the system and therefore leading to dis
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I opened the cavity and found a large tumor springing from
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objects to be held in view for regulating the method of cure
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that in most cases recovery takes place without any treatment.
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result of injury received at this time the vagina and uterus
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The Eoman Catholic clergy held sway in learning over the
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atricial tissue. The writer attaches more importance to chemical irri
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the infection of the filth whithersoever the outflow reaches.


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