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appears in the various segments of the nerves, and which usually

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of the patient. In many instances, boarding in any suitable country place

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1886 Dr. Morris issued a treatise entitled "How We Treat Wounds

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nurses and employes of the hospilai, showing the esteem

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throat, which first become prominent, red or pale, swollen points,

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almost all of the parts of the cerebro-spinal axis, showing that

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" Such are the sights the surgeon sees, such is the very

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simple toxic effect of a very minute dose. This instance illus-

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of pathological processes, you will be perplexed by the implied

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diseases of woman her specialty, and she has achieved

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recognize an abscess of the liver and open it by a free

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pregnancy really produces a particular predisposition to pernicious anaemia,

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agrees with the patient if given in powders of 8 to 15 gr. (gm. 0.5 to 1) sev-

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One hundred and Seventy-five cases) (Pacific Med. Jnl., Nov., 1913).

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stance, full and wise plans were matured and efficiently carried

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The important point for us to fix in an articulation is the

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membrane, and enters the circulating fluid. As it appears in

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AND Brain. — To the fourth class of infirmities that give

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Subject: "New Remedies and New Methods of Treatment."

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cases, however, it is more difficult to discover the primary cause of the anaemia.

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and six mouths of that time was on the staff of Paul

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sists, after preliminary compression at some distance of the

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ary member of the Queens-Nassau Medical Society. Dr. Carr for-

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mended the late "answer to a correspondent" of a clever

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He then entered the office of Dr. John Favill, of the same

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To determine more precisely the nature of the action exerted

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per cent solution are injected into the abdominal cavity of a frog,

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F.C.S. Two volumes. New York : William Wood & Co.

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From the very inception of the hospital Dr. Bulkley has been its


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He was a poisoner, somewhat after the Palmer type. I was

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The late Dr. Beard believed this state to be one of general

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symptoms. One of Dr. Sims's last original achievements

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restricted a sense." In accordance with the broad significance

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After applying ammonia to the nostrils, and heat to the

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guys silagra makes good

free of alcohol" (!) andwill note that my words were "whiskey


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