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being converted into lactic acid during the fermentation of the
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days, and are separated by afebrile periods of the same duration.
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the stools number, on the average, from two to four or more daily. It
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eaiinot be propcrlv controlled by notification, isolation, and (piar-
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a two-edged sword to the same extent as in neurasthenia.
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knowledge thus attained by such men as Pasteur, Cohnheim,
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tonics, such as gentian, iron, and quinin, may be administered and con-
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with probably some aniline dye to make it pretty. Such a
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When the pressure of the stream was reduced to ten pounds, as
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tend to create more heat, has also been dwelt upon.
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bourne). Children begotten of parents who are drunkards, or who suffer
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tion and functions of the parts involved; so have we in the former
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somnolent, soliloquizing in a loud whisper (muttering delirium), and
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advises sending obstinate cases to institutions where treatment may be
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just in the nick of time and gave everyone an opportunity to
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glasses of water. After the last glass has been taken, continue
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experiments in the Bonn Laboratory. Not only was Liebermeister's
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it (carbon dioxide), could we imagine anything which would be much
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was a resident at the Philadelphia Hospital, Blockley, I had
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Chorea is a not infrequent sequel of this disease in children, and
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(3) Pharynx and Esophagus. — Both miliary tubercles and ulcerative
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tutes the best mode of treatment. Turpentine is best given in a capsule
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experiments on trephined rabbits* demonstrate that the nerves supply-
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more firmly than hitherto the scientific basis of hydrotherapy. This
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of the gentlemen imported their pipes of Madeira, even from
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I'niversity of' Toronto, has been elected President of the Ameri-
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and Royal. There are many other varieties. The apricot is
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{Entheln; Rubeola Notha ; German Measles; French Measles.)
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agement of acute articular rheumatism. Their number is legion, but
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erties, except you add a small quantity of an alkali, say, twenty
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muscles. The middle finger of the right hand, contracting with the
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phen's Church was a favorite lecture-room for many men
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Local means in the form of hot fomentations, light poultices, and


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